Jarvis Motoring Women Workshops

Workshop 1 - How to Change a Tyre

Workshop 2 - Cooling System

Workshop 3 - Bumper to Bumper

Workshop 4 - Under the Bonnet

Workshop 5 - Air Conditioning and Tyres

Workshop 6 - Jump Start

Motoring WomenWould you know what to do if your car broke down? What if your phone doesn't work or you can't access one?

Jarvis would like to give you the opportunity to attend one of our “Motoring Women” evenings, which we have been holding since 2004 as a free service to the community.

The evenings are designed to familiarise you with the basics of your car so that not only can you enjoy safer and more dependable, but in the event of unforeseen mechanical failure, or an emergency situation, you are able to act with confidence.

You will learn some of the basics, including putting air in your tyres and even how to understand servicing lingo. We also cover the important stuff, like how to change a wheel and jump start your car, as well as some great road safety tips.

No matter what type of car you drive, our Service team will give you a hands on demonstration of you how your car operates and ways of keeping it safe and reliable.

Our Motoring Women Workshops are limited to thirty people only and our sessions fill fast, so don't miss out and book now! Light supper and refreshments are included.

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