Live like you

Skoda OctaviaLive wisely, live healthily, live happily, live together, live life. We are often told how to live. And for all those who don’t want to listen anymore, there is now something to see: the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA.

But not only because of its very impressive new design. The new OCTAVIA is a car for everything that comes into your head – or doesn’t. Be it children, hobbies, style, speed or even cosiness.

Equipped with lots of space, the latest technology and safety assistants as well as lots of clever ideas, you can concentrate on what counts the most – to live like you.

That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

Octavia Family

ŠKODA Octivia Ambition
Octavia Ambition
ŠKODA Octavia Wagon Ambition
Octavia Wagon Ambition
ŠKODA Octavia Style
Octavia Style
ŠKODA Octavia Wagon Style
Octavia Wagon Style
ŠKODA Octavia RS
Octavia RS
ŠKODA Octavia Wagon RS
Octavia Wagon RS


The OCTAVIA embodies the design trend of the ŠKODA brand: a fusion of aesthetics, safety and practicality. Whether you see the car as a whole or step closer and explore its unique features, the OCTAVIA radiates with the harmony of functionality and emotion.

ŠKODA Octavia

Style and functionality

ŠKODA Octavia

The car features dynamic lines, balanced proportions and distinctive features such as the front grille and headlights in the shape of an arrow. The fog lamps are also unmistakable. In addition to their utility functions, they play a key design role.

As a badge of honour, the ŠKODA name proudly embraces the 5th door.

Advanced technology is made beautiful in the light design of the OCTAVIA. The car features full LED Matrix headlights, which offer greater road lighting and a higher degree of safety.

The interior welcomes you with a perfect harmony of materials and colours. The dashboard refers to the car’s exterior lines and emphasises the feeling of generous space. The infotainment display positioned high up on the dashboard, in the driver’s immediate field of view, creates a pleasant symmetry. The attractive décor, chrome details and LED ambient lighting enhance the powerful impression.

Wireless Connectivity

Octavia featuring wireless apple carplay® & wireless android auto™+

Combining our smart car with your smartphone was always going to be a good idea. OCTAVIA featuring wireless Apple CarPlay® & wireless Android Auto™ seamlessly connects compatible apps from your smartphone to your SKODA.

+ OCTAVIA featuring wireless Apple CarPlay® & wireless Android Auto™ is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android, active data service required.

Wireless charging/USB

The OCTAVIA comes with an enlarged phone box which wirelessly charges your phone while driving. This compartment is not only easily accessible, but is also suitable for large display devices. Two USB-C ports located in the centre console allow you to connect your external devices without the need for dongles or adapters

ŠKODA Octavia

Genius is in the details

ŠKODA Octavia


ŠKODA Octavia

Simply Clever solutions make your life easier. Whether it’s practical storage compartments or an ingenious towbar, these thoughtful features take the headache out of travelling.

The multimedia holder enables you to securely fit a tablet to the front seat headrest.
Not available on Ambition.

Sunglass compartment

This practical compartment located above the interior rear-view mirror is within the driver’s and front passenger’s reach. (Not available in combination with panoramic sunroof.)

Front door compartments

You will find a 1.5 l bottle holder in a spacious compartment in the front door. This is also where you can place a removable waste basket.

Umbrella storage compartment

An ingenious compartment fitted inside the driver’s door is designed to let water drain away from the car. This compartment can be used to hold a snow brush or an original ŠKODA umbrella.

jumbo box and drink holders

Small electronic devices can be safely stored in the Jumbo box in the front armrest. And when the air conditioning is on, you can even cool your snacks. For your drinks, there are drink holders with Easy Open function on the centre console.

Cargo elements

To avoid any undesired movement of luggage while driving, these two plastic cargo elements with a Velcro fastener are ideal. They can be stowed away in the compartments behind the rear wheel arches when not in use.

Available in optional Tech Pack on Style and Premium Pack on RS. Not available on Ambition.

High-Tech, High Comfort

Sometimes it’s good to let yourself be spoiled. While driving, for example. Plenty of thoughtful technologies and smart features are here at your command, ready to maximise your comfort and driving pleasure. Just put your foot down.

Attractive design is accompanied by perfect functionality. The multimedia 10" display enables touch slider operation, where you don’t need to touch the screen while adjusting the volume or zooming the navigation. Below the display, it also provides an ergonomic wrist rest when operating the screen.

Electric tailgate and virtual pedal

The electrically-controlled 5th door opens and closes at the mere touch of the button on the remote control, central panel or directly on the 5th door. The door can be equipped with a virtual pedal enabling contact-free access.

Virtual Pedal is available in optional Premium Pack on RS and standard on Style. Not available on Ambition.

Columbus 10" infotainment

The top-class Columbus infotainment with 3D navigation system can adjust to different zoom levels on the infotainment display and Virtual Cockpit, which is a great tool for displaying maps, for example.

Not available on Ambition.

ŠKODA Octavia

Multimedia 10" display

ŠKODA Octavia

Ambient lighting

Experience ultimate comfort thanks to the interior lights. This feature enables users to define any available colour to illuminate the dashboard, the front doors and, in a new development the front and rear footwells. Different colours can be selected.

Canton sound system

Enjoy absolute sound clarity, whether it’s music or the spoken word, from the Canton Sound System with twelve speakers, including a central speaker and subwoofer in the luggage compartment.

Available in optional Tech Pack on Style and Premium Pack on RS. Not available on Ambition.

Head-up display

The head-up display shows the driving data in such a way that the driver’s eyes don’t have to refocus, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of distraction.

Virtual Cockpit

All that important information that used to be displayed on your dashboard gauges, is now brought to life in a dynamic digital display. This driving data includes speed and fuel readouts - along with more contemporary features, like driver assist and navigation tools.

Electric parking brake

The new OCTAVIA is fitted with an electric parking brake (as standard across all car versions) that has replaced the usual mechanical handbrake.

Auto hold function not available on Ambition and Style, standard on RS.

Shift by wire

As the first car of the ŠKODA brand, the OCTAVIA comes with “by wire” technology designed for maximum comfort in vehicles equipped with automatic transmission. The Shift by wire is controlled by a shift lever in a minimalist design integrated in the centre console.


With the new version of the KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) all doors can be used to unlock or lock the car.

Not available on Ambition.

Luggage Compartment

ŠKODA Octavia

The OCTAVIA's boot is a unique mixture of large compacity with clever practicality. You can find many smart features inside the OCTAVIA’s boot, which will help you load all your stuff, keep the car tidy and prevent things from moving around.

Boot capacity

As always the luggage compartment is generous. The sedan version offers 600 litres of storage, which can be extended up to 1,555 litres by folding down the rear seats. Meanwhile the wagon version offers 640 litres and 1,700 litres after folding down the rear seats.

Safety At Your Fingertips

The OCTAVIA's advanced safety assistance is second to none, with over ten features available to ensure you feel safe and comfortable, no matter where you drive.

Using a radar device in the front grille, in addition to its basic cruise control function. This assistant system maintains a safe distance from vehicles in front of you to increase driver comfort.

*Safety technologies are designed to assist the driver, but should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices

Lane assist*

Operating at speeds above 60 km/h, Lane Assist+ can help to keep the car in the middle of correct lane.

Available in optional Luxury Pack on Style and standard on RS. Not available on Ambition.

Emergency assist*

Emergency Assist reduces the risk of an incident in the event of the driver’s sudden health collapse, for example, by safely stopping the car and turning on the warning lights.

Available in optional Luxury Pack on Style and standard on RS. Not available on Ambition.

Traffic jam assist*

This function is designed to facilitate driving in traffic jams. By controlling the engine, brakes, and steering, it makes the vehicle pull away, brake, and turn to copy the movement of the surrounding vehicles (at speeds of up to 60 km/h).

Available in optional Luxury Pack on Style and standard on RS. Not available on Ambition.

ŠKODA Octavia

Adaptive cruise control*

ŠKODA Octavia

Side assist - blind spot detection*

Using radar sensors in the rear bumper, Side Assist (which can detect other vehicles and harder to see objects like cyclists up to 70 m away) monitors the areas behind and beside your car.

Front assist with city emergency break and predictive pedestrain/cyclist protection*

The front assist system, using a radar device in the front grille, is designer to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead and apply the emergency braking mechanism if any obstructions are detected.

Park assist*

Minimise the hassle of parking in tight spots with Park Assist. It automatically selects an appropriate parking place in a row of parallel or perpendicularly parked vehicles.

Available in optional Premium Pack on RS and standard on Style. Not available on Ambition.

Real traffic alert*

The system warns the driver of rear traffic as they pull away from a row of perpendicularly parked vehicles (visually on the infotainment display/ onboard computer display or acoustically).

Available in optional Tech Pack on Style and standard on RS. Not available on Ambition.

Matrix beam function

The full LED Matrix headlights feature matrix beam function. This allows you to use the high beams continuously, without blinding other drivers. Using a windscreen camera, the matrix beam function responds to the traffic situation and turns off only some segments of the light. Other segments are turned on and illuminate the road.

Not available on Ambition.

Passenger protect assist

This assistance system provides increased protection for front-seat passengers in critical situations that could lead to a crash or overturning by closing the side windows to leave only a 5 cm gap, shutting the roof window, and tightening seatbelts.

Standard on RS. Not available on Style and Ambition.

Multi-collision brake

In case of an accident, the Multi-Collision Brake starts braking to prevent further uncontrolled movement of the vehicle, thus reducing the likelihood of further collisions.

Safe Happens

ŠKODA Octavia

In extreme situations, where the driver cannot actively influence the outcome, the car’s passive safety elements take over – like the airbags.

Front dirver, passenger and central airbags

While the driver airbag is enclosed in the steering wheel, the passenger airbag is located in the dashboard if needed, this can be deactivated when a child seat is installed on the front seat. An additional central airbag fitted within the inner side of the driver's backrest, is designed to protect the driver and front passenger from colliding, especially in the event of a side collision.

Head airbags

Upon activation, head airbags create a wall protecting the front and rear occupants against head injury.

Front side airbags

These two airbags protect the pelvis and chest of the driver and passenger in the event of a side collision.

Knee airgbag

This airbag, which is located under the steering wheel column, protects the driver’s knees and shins.

Power To The People

The OCTAVIA's advanced safety assistance is second to none, with over ten features available to ensure you feel safe and comfortable, no matter where you drive.

Enjoy the high performance of your car in maximum comfort and safety. The Adaptive Chassis Control continuously evaluates and responds to various driving situations (braking, acceleration, turning), adapting the damping and steering characteristics. As part of the infotainment menu, it allows you to select one of five modes according to your specific requirements: Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport or Individual.


The OCTAVIA offers 110kW (Ambition and Style) and 180kW (RS) turbocharged petrol engines that guarantee excellent performance and acceleration, complemented by low fuel consumption.

ŠKODA Octavia
Adaptive chassis control incl. driving mode selection
ŠKODA Octavia

Octavia RS

Bold never goes out of style

ŠKODA Octavia
Interior design
ŠKODA Octavia

Exclusive meets sporty. The OCTAVIA’s emotional design sets a daring tone with its RS version, both on the outside and in. Combine the timeless elegance with specific dynamic features supported by the lower chassis and get a car with attitude.

The interior is equipped, among other things, with a multifunctional leather sports steering wheel with RS logo, Virtual Cockpit including Sport view (specific to the RS version), front sports seats, and pedal covers in alloy design The upholstery in black fabric is accompanied by Alcantara® pad with stitching on the dashboard and Carbon décor. Alongside this, the RS has your safety under control with ten air bags as standard.

Exterior design

The car features bumpers in RS design and glossy black elements such as exterior side-view mirror caps, strips around the side windows, front grille frame, and air curtain framing darkened fog lamps. The RS badge on the grille is a nod to the famous racing tradition of ŠKODA cars. The dynamic appearance of the exterior is enhanced by 19" ALTAIR anthracite alloy wheels. The red brake callipers emphasize the sporty character of the vehicle.

Rear view

The distinctive rear bumper with glossy black decorative elements, black diffuser and visible exhaust pipe end pieces are key design features for the rear of the car. The RS version also features the ŠKODA lettering and model name on the 5th door in black. The glossy black roof railings come exclusively with the wagon version.

Comfort as your co-pilot

Step into a space where you can truly be yourself. The interior of the OCTAVIA RS is that kind of place. The legendary spaciousness of ŠKODA cars, premium materials and state-of-the-art technology spiced up with RS elements in the sports style let you experience uncompromised comfort while staying sporty at heart.

Virtual cockpit / led ambient lighting

The Virtual Cockpit, which comes as standard, can display onboard computer specifications in combination with other information such as navigation. You can choose from five layouts (views), controlled via the infotainment system, including Sport view, specific to the RS version. The background illumination is determined by the interior ambient lighting offering many amazing colour options.

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