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Need tyres? Regardless of your vehicle's make or model, Jarvis Service & Tyre Centres in and around Adelaide can help.

In fact, the Jarvis Tyre Shop offers a full range of tyre services, including fitting and balancing, wheel alignment and puncture repairs. As a registered tyre dealer, the Jarvis Tyre Shop can offer you expert service and advice and our tyre prices are highly competitive.

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Why New Tyres Matter

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Tyre Maintenance Plan

To maximise the life of your tyres and make them go further, bring your vehicle to a Jarvis Service Centre every 5,000 km and take advantage of our tyre maintenance plan. Your tyres will be checked to ensure they are correctly inflated, rotated and balanced which will help increase your tyre’s life, promote even wear and optimise your vehicle’s on road stability and safety.

Jarvis Tyre Maintenance Plan

Quality Assured

All Jarvis Service Departments are Quality Assured.

What does this mean to our customers? Put simply, to achieve Quality Assurance Jarvis is regularly audited and has to demonstrate that it is meeting and maintaining a high set of world standards for quality.

These standards not only apply to our personnel and the processes that we have in place, they also extend to our equipment. As a result, all of the service and diagnostic equipment we use to assess the performance of your vehicle is regularly calibrated so that it performs to optimum levels and provides true and correct data readings of your vehicle. This means we can service your car knowing exactly what must be done.

Organisations which are not Quality Assured may not have a regular calibration schedule for their equipment. This could result in inaccurate readings being made which, in turn, could lead to incorrect diagnosis of a vehicle's peformance and service requirements.

Being Quality Assured is a large commitment on the part of any business. The standards we must maintain to retain the Quality Assured tick of approval provides real peace of mind for our customers and also means we are providing the highest quality of service.

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Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.